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Petra Williams was born in Dublin and grew up in Ireland. She has lived and worked in France for 13 years and 2 years in the US.

Her work in the visual arts, mainly painting, has developed from structured abstraction towards the human form. Much of her practice has explored plaster in it’s handling of applying and stripping it from the canvas, then reapplying oil, which she feels draws her nearer to humanity with it’s colours darkness and light, and the use of blank canvas as a void or negative space. Since living in France she immersed herself in the language and culture. She has exhibited in group exhibitions there and has had a solo show. In 2015 she moved to London, England and has based her work from her studio in North East London at Euroart Studios. Her work has matured slowly in stages with the line and palette progressing and the figure reappearing  in paint. She has exhibited in two group exhibitions in London and each year for the Open Studios.

« The current series was painted during lock down and outside of my studio. I had time to reflect .  I think this made me concentrate further on the human narrative and it’s surroundings. I worked spontaneously each day on paper from mainly imagination, and tried to fill in this white space that was between me and my studio, with my thoughts- body’s on paper. »


Photograph courtesy of Caterana Tonne Fleur

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